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Girls’ Choice

Girls’ Choice is an empowerment platform led by young women to support the voices of young people and provide resources for today’s most pressing issues.

Backed by the power and resources of the most prominent organizations in their fields, Girls’ Choice delivers quality messaging that motivates young people to support each other.

We are anchored by a two-day awards festival featuring music performances and fan-voted awards to celebrate stars for using their platforms to create positive change and to honor changemakers who do meaningful work in their communities every day.

In addition to the annual awards festival, Girls’ Choice will produce a series of national Summits addressing pressing topics most important to young women. Starting with our Stronger Every Day mental wellness events in January, we will combine the power of experts and celebrities to open a dialogue on combating stress, anxiety and depression. Throughout the year, Girl’s Choice reminds young people of their power by sharing positive digital content and resources that reinforce their strength and resilience.

Join us in making the Inaugural Girls’ Choice Awards a meaningful place for collaboration and entertainment.

From the team at Girls’ Choice…We see you. We hear you. We honor you.